Switches – Poorly Timed

by Heather


There are always times in my life when a switch engages in my brain, and I get ‘it’.  ‘It’ becomes understood, second nature, learned, absorbed.  Whatever ‘it’ needs to be, ideally, it becomes.

Most of the time, this switch hits its peak near the time when ‘it’ is nearly over.

Today I felt it.  I was angry beyond reason (nothing to do with cancer, just thoughtlessness of another).  I really felt like going out & kicking the crap out of something.  But, somewhere in my brain I knew what I really wanted to do.  Eat? No.  Nap? No. Get in a great killer spinning workout.  YES!

I actually started to feel it yesterday.  It was nearly bedtime and I was starving!  Meh.  I didn’t even open the fridge to see what might be ‘acceptable’ snacking that time of night.  I just went to bed.  I didn’t even dream about food, as I’m inclined to do when going to bed hungry.

Fortunately my formal spinning class was held today.  Working out helped to alleviate my anger.  I really feel better. Unfortunately, this was the last class I’ll be able to take before my surgery on Friday.

How long is it going to take before I can go back to my class?  How long is it before this need to workout switch turns itself back on?

Hope the answer to both questions is, ‘Not as long as you suspect.’