Support – Not Just For Ladies’ Foundationwear

by Heather

Right after being “officially” diagnosed, I hit the search engine looking for a support group.  My mom’s insistence that I find one immediately (even before we knew for sure) prompted me to this – see, Mom, I DO listen to you!

I called and/or emailed 2 groups that seemed local, and got no answer and/or “this number has been disconnected” message and bounced email.  So I went looking one more time.  I found one and called the number…  A person actually answered it.  I suppose that was my answer.  The group isn’t exactly “local”, but “local” doesn’t seem to be working for me in this particular odyssey.

Quite by coincidence, the group I belong to down here was founded by Mom’s surgeon, and is the parent to the group that she belongs to (a day’s drive away) in her rural community.

Attending this BC support group has been beneficial.  Besides just being able to vent, it has given me a look at other survivors and also given me the opportunity to show empathy & possibly see into my future.  I attend the “Newly Diagnosed and In Treatment” group, and have met 7 women in 7 different situations with their breast cancer.  They range from having had a lumpectomy and her oncologist saying she’s “cured”, to having had a bilateral mastectomy and currently going through chemo – bald and tired and sore.  Here’s hoping I end up closer to the former than the latter.