Information – Inundated, Outdated, Updated

by Heather

On Tuesday I had my first appointment with my “2nd Opinion” Surgeon.

I could tell you all he told me, but your head would explode (I’m still picking up pieces of mine).

Basically, I received a multi-hour lesson in cellular biology, oncology and pharmacology.

Here are the basics:

  • My Local Hospital, the one where my biopsy was performed, does NOT do (or didn’t do) a complete 21st-Century pathology on my core sample, but 2nd Opinion will have it done at the Not-So-Local Hospital’s lab.
  • He’s worried that my Mom’s BC was triple negative (and so is her genetic testing), and wants to do genetic testing on me.
  • Recommended an MRI, which I had this morning at the Not-So-Local Hospital’s MRI facility.
  • My BC will not respond to hormone therapy (good thing, since the last time I artificially put hormones into my body, I had the pulmonary embolisms).
  • Pending results of genetic testing and MRI review (both happening tomorrow, Friday afternoon), a lumpectomy is the first course of treatment.
  • I may be eligible for clinical trials of treatment regimens, also pending results mentioned above.

The Oncologist I saw this afternoon was bummed that 2nd Opinion told me EVERYTHING he wanted to say.  So we just had a “new patient meeting”.

Thanks to Ms. A for watching Mr. D for us while we were seeing the Oncologist today.