Patience – The Waiting Area

by Heather

I kinda feel like this guy

I’m sure it’s just the fact that I called right before the weekend last week, and now the holiday this week.  But I wish I could get out of this holding pattern and know what’s going to be happening to me in the next couple of weeks.

Still waiting for:

2nd Opinion


HOWEVER, I did hear from my ObGyn today, and I remembered to ask if she had received the complete pathology report yet.  She told me that she had just received it, and will mail me a copy.  YAY for me.  If only I’d not been in the middle of changing a stinky diaper in a room at a busy pediatric doctor’s office when she called, I may have thought to ask her what the heck it says.  Well, I’m not finding out until at least Thursday either way.